Business Continuity Plan 2016

Critical functions/services will always be maintained at the University, even during periods when some operations and/or services are modified or curtailed. Critical functions/services are those functions required to maintain the safety and welfare of University students, faculty, staff and visitors, key activities, and the integrity of the University’s infrastructure.  Critical functions/services include those necessary to:

  • Protect life and safety;
  • Assure campus security;
  • Maintain key human and animal health services;
  • Preserve research projects and infrastructure; and
  • Maintain business, finance and physical infrastructure necessary to operations and services during an emergency or to the prompt restoration of normal operations and services.

Department of Anthropology Critical Functions/Services

  • Critical Function/Service – Preserve Research Specimens
  • Personnel Requirements – One faculty member (Dr. Fujita)
  • Situational Requirements – Extended power outage – samples in freezer in Giltner Hall

Department of Anthropology Critical Personnel

  • Name – Dr. Masako Fujita
  • Position – Associate Professor
  • Critical Functions/Services Supported – Preserve research specimens
  • MSU Contact Info (phone and email) – 353-7171 (office),
  • Alternate Contact Info (home phone, cell, etc.) – 432-1099 (lab)

Department of Anthropology Communication Plan

Communication to faculty, staff and student employees when University operations are modified or curtailed:

The Department Chair will communicate with the faculty, staff, and student employees via department Facebook page and email.  Dr. Fujita will be contacted directly via cell phone regarding the frozen specimens in her lab.

Department of Anthropology Alternative Locations and/or Telecommuting

The Department of Anthropology does not have a need for alternate locations or telecommuting.  The main department phone will be answered and callers will hear a recorded message.  The Department Secretary will monitor calls periodically during the day and respond as necessary.