Illness Narrative Project

Please upload an electronic copy of your illness narrative to the ANGEL dropbox by Wednesday August 15, 2012 @ 11:59 EST.

Click here for the grading rubric: [read]

]If you have any general questions, leave a reply below on this page. Good luck!




12 thoughts on “Illness Narrative Project

  1. Hi Taz,
    I wondered if you could give me some more information about what you are looking for in the illness narrative, subject material, how many words, etc.

    Thanks so much,

    Barbara Hutton

    • Hi Barbara – Interview someone about their experience with an illness, it can be anything – an injury, cancer, complicated birth, mental illness, anything. Then write their story and your analysis according to the format provided in the rubric linked above. It should be 5-8 pages. For more information about Illness narratives, refer back to week 4.

  2. Hi Taz, the illness narrative I’m working on ends with the person passing away, but I have info from primary care givers and was personally present during the entire illness, so I definitely have enough to write about and all of the info needed for each section of the paper. I do have a back-up if completely necessary, but my original subject is much more compelling. Thanks.

    • Hi Francesca – your approach is fine. Make sure you explain in the paper how the narrative is different because it is from your observations/interactions rather than the patient’s. I look forward to reading it!

  3. SInce everything is double spaced can the abstract go over one page? I have two great paragraphs but it goes onto the second page slightly

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