Week 7: Final Week

Course Materials:

  • None 🙂

Assignments due in ANGEL dropbox under “lessons” tab:

  • Illness Narrative Project – Due 8/15 @ 11:59pm EST
  • Online Course Survey  – Due 8/16 @ 11:59pm EST
  • Blog Survey  – Due 8/16 @ 11:59pm EST

Please be as honest and detailed as possible in your survey responses to get full credit. Thanks!

19 thoughts on “Week 7: Final Week

  1. Hi Taz, I’m working my way through the Blog Survey on Angel and for questions 8-17, 20-25, 28-33, 37-42 and 45-52 there is no place to select responses or rate the statements in terms of agreement.

  2. I already got our video lecture password from taz once. I make dumb mistake again and deleted the email since we dont have lecture this week, but I definitely need to use the old lectures to strengthen my illness narrative. Any help? i know the username is student

  3. Hey Taz, I just read the announcement about the survey and I didn’t realize that the short answers needed to be 2-5 sentences and I made each response only about 1. Is there any way I can fix those or retake the survey for the points?

  4. Hi Taz, Those same questions I mentioned still aren’t showing up with bubbles for me to select in the blog survey. I don’t want to miss credit for that survey and I already spent a lot of time writing out all the short answer questions so I don’t want the whole thing to reload and lose those answers. Any suggestions?

  5. Hey Taz, just want to make sure that you got both of my submissions for the surveys. Angel is kind of funny with those sometimes so I would just feel more comfortable if you double check and make sure they are showing up.

  6. Hello Taz,

    I am not very comfortable with uploading files onto Angel. I was wondering if you could let me know if it looks like I submitted my illness narrative onto Angel correctly.

    Thank you!

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