Course Introduction


  • Video: Instructor Introduction [watch]
  • Video: TA Introduction [watch]
  • Tutorial: Course overview [watch]
  • Tutorial: How to Log in to your Online Class Website [watch]
  • Tutorial: How to Use the Class Blog [watch]


  • Set up profile to display first name and last name
  • Create your own Gravatar [link]
  • Post: Practice Post – [prompt] DUE by Wednesday 7/4
  • Comment: Practice Comment – DUE by Wednesday 7/4

20 thoughts on “Course Introduction

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    • Tazin,
      I just had a quick question for you. For the W1 Reflection, while I understand what you want us to complete, I’m just not sure where the link is for the Nacerima article and where to find it exactly. I think I just keep looking in the wrong places but I checked the course introduction page and the link wasn’t included in the W1 Reflection; is there a specific page we go to with the links for these?

      I’m sorry I’m so confused with all this,

  2. Is anyone else having trouble with the gravatar link? I have tried both safari and firefox and it’s a broken link for me. I also googled it, but it gave me instructions in a bunch of computer engineering code talk that I didn’t have a clue about!

  3. I didn’t have any trouble creating my Gravatar account but I can’t link my WordPress account. I didn’t have any trouble getting my facebook or twitter accounts linked but every time I enter my WordPress username and password, it says there was an issue linking them. What url am I suppose to enter in the box?

  4. Hello Taz, I was wondering if we had to choose a certain Gravatar username when we create the Gravatar account or should I just use my msu email as my username?

    • Hi Monique – yep, just use your MSU email address to register with Gravatar. Since your ANP 204 wordpress account is affiliated with your MSU email address, your picture should show up.

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