Week 4: Experiential Approach


    • Lecture: 4.2 Illness Narratives [watch] [download]
    • PDF: Werner – “Illness stories on self and shame in women with chronic pain” [read]
    • Blog: Fibromyalgia + The Type “A” personality [link]
    • Clip: My Story: Living with Bipolar Disorder [watch]
    • Blog: A Dad’s Story of Male Post-Partum Depression [link]
    • Film: Placebo: Cracking the Code (1 hour) [watch]


    Choose an episode of True Life that deals with a medical condition to discuss in the activity blog for this week: [link]

    *** I have noticed that some of you are picking episodes that do not directly deal with the biomedical system such as “I am a shopoholic”, etc. If you do pick an episode like this, you will be required to explain exactly why you interpreted this to be a “medical condition” and this episode to be reflective of an “illness narrative”.***



    • Reflection Post: W4 Reflection Prompt [link] – due 7/27
    • Activity Post: W4 Activity Prompt [link] – due 7/27
    • Comments: Due 7/29

    Watch for the new page on the main navigation bar with information about the illness narrative paper which is due the last week of classes. It will be posted later this week and I will include a link [here] as well as on the announcements page.

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  1. Hi Taz, I’m not sure if you will be reading these comments any more, but every time I copy and paste the address for the YouTube video I cited in my Week #4 activity reply comment, when I hit “post comment” it doesn’t show up, but everything else does. I tried to redo it a few times and it just won’t show up. I was wondering if I was doing something wrong, because I copy and paste all of my posts out of Word and I have never had this problem before. Thanks!

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