Week 5: Critical Approach

Some of the links are missing from this weeks materials – I will try to get them up as soon as humanly possible. I will post an announcement when its all up. Thanks for your patience!


  • Special Topic: The Medicalization of Menstruation [watch]
  • PDF: Quebbeman – Rituals in the Operating Room: Are they Necessary? [read]
  • PDF: Conrad and Potter – From Hyperactive Children to ADHD Adults: Observations on the Expansion of Medical Categories [read]
  • Film: Pill Poppers (parts 1-4) [watch]

    • Reflection Post: W5 Reflection Prompt [link] – due 8/3
    • Activity Post: W5 Activity Prompt [link] – due 8/3
    • Comments: Due 8/5

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    1. “The Medicalization of Menstruation”, and “The Social Life of Adderall” watch buttons aren’t working. Is this just me or is there a problem?

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