Erectile Dysfunction

Medicalization, according to the lecture, is the control over bodies and behavior through medical interventions. In comparison biomedicalization is the enhancement of bodies and behavior through medical interventions. When it comes to medication our society is very familiar with the concept. We’ve undoubtedly been prescribed pills by our doctor, taken over the counter medication, or at least seen our parents take some type of pill. Medications are held very highly in our society. Once a new pill is released onto the market, this can bring people out of the woodwork. According to the film “Pill Poppers,” they believe that once an effective treatment becomes readily available for a condition, this allows more people to seek medical help. Their condition becomes more socially acceptable.

The condition I chose was erectile dysfunction. In this commercial for Viagra, it shows a man trying to literally start a fire. Upon the first couple tries he’s not able to create a spark to light this fire. The narrator’s voice then says, “You’ve reached the age where giving up is not who you are. This is the age of knowing how to make things happen. So why let erectile dysfunction get in your way?”  I think this ad wants to show an every-day type of man that doesn’t want to give up. This is clearly relatable for any man with erectile dysfunction. The ad wants the possible future patients to consult with their doctors about erectile dysfunction and talk to them about the possibility of taking Viagra. The narrator then goes on to say, “20 million men already have.” This shows the popularity of the drug and shows how common erectile dysfunction is. That it’s not something to be ashamed of.  The ad goes on to list possible side effects like so many other pharmaceutical advertising commercials out there. Overall I think it was a decent advertisement for the drug, Viagra.

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  1. Zack Riem says:

    I find some of these commercials humorous with the innuendos they use to get the message across so many people can relate and understand the drug. As claimed by this commercial and several others on the large amount of men that are middle aged and have difficulties performing are wiling to get assistance from this type of medication.
    This is a prime example on how people try to alter our lives and biology by changing what is suppose to happen, into what they want to happen. This problem largely stems from the poor diet and lack of exercise most of the male patients are “victims” of, a pill to correct their difficulties is a lot better answer to most then to change the way to live to be healthier. This “illness” I have some doubt of being considering an “illness” because this really other than the mental anguish and affects of not being able to perform is not something that is life threatening or even something that can cause physical harm. This is more of a medication to keep up the pace of older males who without would not be able to reproduce. As stated before this ideal of altering the biology of your body, goes against theories in biology as many medications do, helping those that would not be considered the strongest or most desired and without pill assistance they would struggle to pass on genes to future generations.

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