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Medications are extremely important in American society.  Our society is becoming more educated in general, which has caused us to gravitate towards biomedicine.  Everyone knows that there are drugs to take away head pain, stomach pain, etc. that were developed by doctors, which leads us to believe that there must be drugs for many different purposes.  Our capitalist society uses propaganda to make people believe that their weight-loss drugs are proven with science, so they must work, and people buy them all the time.  Our society  relies on drugs to keep our blood pressure down, decrease pain, and remain healthy.  I think this use of medicine shows that we value our lives and our healthcare system.  These drugs are keeping people alive longer than any people in history.  That alone shows that our drugs and our modern biomedical healthcare system is at least somewhat successful.  A good example of this is the child with ADHD from the Pill Poppers documentary.  He had real problems with his attention and attitude, and a drug called Ritalin completely changed his life.  Drugs in our society are important for many people to live a normal, healthy life.

I found a video about erectile dysfunction.  The video talks about Cialis, which can improve sexual activity within thirty minutes.  The commercial shows couples that seem very satisfied after taking this drug.  The commercial aims to show us that erectile dysfunction is a real disorder, and can be very devastating to couples.  The video aims to show that sex is an important part of American society, so we need to get this drug in order to have sex, or else our lives will not be satisfactory.  Socially, most Americans agree that sex is important, so if someone is having a problem in their sex life, it could possibly be healed by some drug.  The medical information about the drug is not given well.  It doesn’t explain how erectile dysfunction happens, but it does say that it fixes this condition, and is clinically proven.  They also give the side effects.  There were no doctor patient interactions.    

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  1. Kelly Zielinski says:

    It is interesting to watch the illness of erectile dysfunction evolve. Yes, it has probably always been an issue for some men, however, with the expansion of Viagara to the public on such a widespread basis, all of a sudden men with any sort of ED or possibility of ED have flooded doctors offices. The fact that a man should be able to become erect on command, has become a well known assumption. If a man does not become erect immediately, he must have a problem. Sex is used as a very powerful marketing tool and is a sensitive subject for many people. When a commercial infers that a man may not be completely sexually satisfying to his partner, it creates a defense mechanism in the man that can make him react in such a way that he will purchase a pill to “solve” his problem.
    Throughout history acts of sexual behavior have effected our politics, families, been headlining news reports, created spread of diseases and have been a focus of political policy, depending on who we have sex with. It is only natural that the focus on sexual behavior lead our society to become engulfed in the power of sex. Sex sells. It sells news, products, and even in this day and age.. medicine. In this case the commercials use sex to sell pills for sex… whether someone may need it or not. Incredibly powerful.

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