Medications in American Society I think of as mostly prescriptions. I think prescriptions are supposed to be preventative or suppressive, either preventing further more elaborate means of healthcare like surgery or suppressing the symptoms of whatever is ailing you. I think biomedicine includes surgery in America but I think medications in America don’t include surgery. Our culture sees well being as a perfect ideology. For example in the film “Pill Poppers” Viagra is taken as a means to perfection. Even though it’s completely normal for the male body, males will still seek this prescription in these rare times of ill performance. Even though the medicine was originally put on the market to help males with chronic E.D., the perfect ideology of American culture strives to ensure success at every turn. In the same film it seems like all the “pill poppers” are okay will taking pills. Even though some say they don’t like taking them or they are uncomfortable taking them, it’s part of the American norm now to take pills. So I don’t think there is a stigma against it, so in truth I really feel the pill poppers really don’t mind taking pills, they feel better for it.

I choose Insomnia as my over medicated illness. I see so many ads claiming to help restless people sleep. The strategy behind this commercial I think is to experience Insomnia, if you have it or not, by watching this restless person and to experience the relief of sleep by, again, watching this person get the rest they needed, by taking Ambien of course. It’s very suggestive. There are nights everyone tosses and turns, it’s very easy to relate to this restless person and think that you too need this pill to help you sleep. Or maybe by seeing his relief and happiness after a good night’s sleep on Ambien, you start to think that your sleep may not be as good as it possibly could be and that you could use Ambien’s help. Your social role in America is to function well and to get good sleep is essential to functioning well, so Ambien seems necessary to the viewer. The presentation is very relaxing, a quiet relaxing female voice  speaking the duration of the advertisement ensures the viewers comfort and a faux relaxed state. Watching a restless person get a good night’s sleep and wake refreshed on Ambien suggests its success and watching this experience pulls you into the experience as well. It is also mentioned that Ambien is the number one prescribed sleep aid, which confirms its success, and that it’s only needed for 7-10 days unless your doctor say otherwise, this will discredit suspicions of dependency. The only thing mentioned about a doctor patient relationship is right at the end of the commercial when the female narrator tells you to talk to your doctor about Ambien, suggesting you to go get you some.

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