Our society today relies heavily on medications and biomedicine for healthcare. Anything and everything that someone that has a problem, there is a way to treat it with medication. Some issues like cholesterol, blood pressure and other symptoms like that can be easily taken care of just by a change of diet and exercise. But if it gets to a big issue, then yes medication is necessary. Today peoples wellbeing and success seems to be determined by the availability of these medications to help them and make it easier and they have less issues to worry about and continue working to the top of being successful. Today one of the major issues is obesity. This problem easily can be solved just based on diet and workout setting proper routines. Now with the way the health industry especially in the western society has developed, medications are readily available to people to avoid these workout routines and diet and get on medication to help them out the easy way.

The link here is showing how hydroxycut is available to everyone and how amazing the product is in cutting weight loss quickly and effectively. With this as an issue, they have this drug available for immediate access and giving significant results by showing just a few people that have had no issues or side effects to the drug and having great results. But this is only a few of many that have taken it. Their stratagey of showing these people pushes more customers to try the product and companies profit tons off of these customers.

With sleeping and eating as a primary way of our culture’s way of life here in the western society, this drug makes it ok to continue this way of living and that there is other ways to help maintain our look, shape and confidence.

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  1. Kiara Whitsell says:

    The inventor of hydroxycut used our society values and behaviors as an advantage, when producing this advertisement. Most individuals’ lives are consumed with work and family, which reduce the amount of time for exercise. The advertisement stated that the supplement increase the amount of weight loss more than diet and exercise alone, which make the supplement more intriguing. The western culture view thin and muscular individuals as attractive and healthy. Our society view obesity as negative and unattractive, which affect obese individuals’ social lives. Some obese individuals have difficulty finding companions and friends. The media play a major role in portraying thin and physically fit individuals as favorable and most likely to succeed. Our society places various emphases on appearance and beauty, which may have caused obesity to become an illness that requires biomedical intervention. Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia have developed in the United States due to the pressure of losing weight or remaining thin. Moreover, anorexia and bulimia can cause serious health problems. The conrad article revealed that societal beliefs play a major role in classifying conditions as illnesses. The article presented ADHD, which was created due to societal beliefs of the characteristics of normal behavior.

  2. Justin Kenton says:

    What causes a particular issue to become intertwined into biomedicine? I would argue that the single most important factor to determine whether or not something is to be classified as an illness or condition that requires medical intervention is our cultural beliefs at any given time. For example, in the recent history of the world there was a time when having extra pounds was not viewed as a bad thing and didn’t require medical intervention. The cultural values of that time held that people with excess weight were wealthy because they could afford food and being skinny symbolized a workers life. This look at body size has obviously changed throughout the centuries and has turned 180.

    With the advent of mass food production and overall availability of food a change has occurred and the thoughts about weight have shifted to that of self-control. How often do you hear or even think yourself when you see someone overweight that they lack any sort of eating control or are lazy? This thought is common in our culture. With the advancements in medicine and knowledge around health the cultural goal for people has been to stay fit. Throw in mass media and Hollywood and you could have a serious problem.

    As noted by your analysis of the advertisement, this kind of thought process is rampant and anyone looking to make a buck will capitalize on a wonder pill that will help you achieve the correct body size. Instead of only looking for magic pills to solve obesity, let’s instead look at the causes for weight gain throughout our culture… down to our lifestyles and the food we consume.

  3. Amber Schmenk says:

    It drives me crazy seeing how many “miracle diet pills” and supplements are on shelves in our stores… These companies target people who are overweight or obese to try to sell an easy way to lose weight. Although I do believe that people should try to live a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain their weight, I understand that for some people it can be really difficult, and that is what Hydroxycut, among other weight loss brands, uses to fuel their sales. Over the years, the ideal body image seems to have gotten thinner and thinner. Western culture’s current ideal body image as seen by celebrities and advertisements is thin and fit. Hydroxycut uses this image to help sell their diet supplement.

    The commercial makes it seem like Hydroxycut is this amazing supplement that will make people lose weight, however, there is the slight mention that it needs to be taken in addition to diet and exercise. This, I think, can be misleading towards viewers who are desperate to lose weight who may think they do not have to change anything and just have to start taking this supplement to lose weight. Instead of constantly looking for the easy way out, I think Americans need to take a step back and realize that there are certain things that do need hard work and commitment and better understanding in order to accomplish – especially when it comes to health.

  4. Taylor Young says:

    In our western society we definitely have a problem with obesity. Our culture is very fast-paced. We are impatient individuals and we want immediate gratification. I believe these reasons are what make fast food, poor exercise, and very poor diets so popular. Granted it’s much easier to grab for a bag of chips than to actually take the time to cut up some vegetables or some fruit, but changing your diet and regularly exercising can help with the problem of obesity in this country. Some individuals that are considered obese are that way because of medical problems (eg. Problems with their thyroid), but a vast majority of people are overweight because of poor diet and lack of exercise. Companies like Hydroxycut and other weight loss medications label obesity as an “illness” and think the way to solve this problem is through the use of biomedical intervention. Nowhere in the commercial did they say that Hydroxycut needed to be taken in addition to changes in diet and exercise. It’s sad that our culture wants to take “simple” route by taking medication as opposed to simply changing their diet or workout routines. Companies like Hydroxycut use this to their advantage and promote the use of their product saying things like, “Millions of Americans have made Hydroxycut the number one weight-loss supplement.” By claiming that millions of Americans use this product they’re boasting about its popularity and making it seem okay for people to take the “simple” route.

  5. Jacqueline Godin says:

    Obesity was not always seen as an illness. People were fat or skinny. Once the extra weight started causing major medical issues for individuals, though, it then became a disease. Obesity can cause heart attacks, diabetes, and many other physical problems as well as emotional problems, such as decreases in self-esteem. As more and more individuals sought medical attention for being severely overweight, more treatments became available and we learned more about it. Treatment started with the simple change in diet and exercise and then eventually progressed to surgeries. As biomedicine became a thing, then weight loss supplements were put on the market to make money off of it.

    Different cultures may view the problem of obesity differently and use different methods of diagnosis. They may also have different treatments. In America, diet pills are seen and used daily and there is currently a huge market for them. In other cultures, though, this is never seen as a treatment. In America, obesity is a huge problem, but in other countries, such as Japan, it is not as prominent. Historically, there have always been people that are heavier than others, and heavier individuals were seen as healthier. Nowadays, though, skinny is seen as attractive and obesity has become a problem.

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