Week 7: Final Week

Course Materials:

  • None ­čÖé This week is all about finishing up the Weebly and completing the course surveys.

Weebly Final Project (120pts) – Due Friday 8/16 @ 10am EST (yes, you have an extension – so make it awesome!)

  • Final weebly page instructions [link]
  • Complete entire weebly (make sure to check the announcements page for updated instructions)
  • Here is the rubric I will be using to grade your Weebly project: [PDF]
  • I will start grading the Weebly assignments Friday morning so make sure they are ready to go by then! Also, if you never provided a link to your page in post under the “weebly link” category, I won’t be able to grade your post. Make sure it is there!!

Assignments to complete in ANGEL under “lessons” tab (10pts each):

  • Online Course Survey┬á – Due 8/16 @ 11:59pm EST
  • Blog Survey┬á – Due 8/16 @ 11:59pm EST

Please be as detailed as possible in your survey responses to get full credit. Thanks!

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