Course Introduction


  • Video: Course Coordinator [watch]
  • Video: Instructor Introduction [watch]
  • Video: TA Introduction [watch]
  • Video: Course overview [watch]
  • Video: Tutorial Videos [watch]


  • Set up profile to display first name and last name
  • Create a Gravatar with your MSU email [link]
  • Post: Introduction Post – [prompt] [example] DUE by Wednesday 7/3
  • Comment: Introduction Comment – DUE by Wednesday 7/3

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  1. hartwi12 says:

    I have started to look over the site and when I tried to watch the video’s it asked for a user name and password. I tried the one I used to access the site but that didn’t work. What user name and password am I supposed to use?

  2. J. Brodie Timms-Fryer says:

    Hopefully I’m just overlooking something simple, but I can’t seem to log into Gravatar. Rechecked, double checked my password and username for WordPress. Is there by chance an activation email that I may have not received?

  3. Elliott Orr says:

    Hey everyone,

    I seem to be having a problem with the gravatar, too. I have created one using my MSU email, but it doesn’t seem to be transferring to this site specifically. Does it do this automatically or not?

    Thanks for any input…

  4. Elliott Orr says:

    And as soon as I posted this, it worked. Never mind. It must automatically initiate with activity on this site (not just refreshing the page).

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