Week 1: Introduction to Medical Anthropology


  • Lecture: 1.1 Introduction to the Field [watch] [download]
  • Lecture: 1.2 Conceptual Approaches [watch] [download]
  • PDF: Miner (1956) – Body Ritual Among the Nacerima [read]
  • PDF: Helman (2006) – Why Medical Anthropology Matters [read]
  • Link: What is Medical Anthropology (SMA website) [link]
  • Video: Illness Activity [watch]


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  1. jurayjan says:


    This may be a silly question but when i try to click to watch the video, it requires authentification with a username and password. I tried my username and both passwords, the one you gave us and the one i changed it to, with no resolve. I am still unable to watch the video. Any suggestions?

  2. Thuy-Tien Giap says:

    Hi Taz,

    how are you?
    Maybe you’ve addressed this issue already in yesterday’s announcement..
    but I just want to make sure.
    On my page, at the top, it has a 2- saying 2 comments awaiting moderation..does this mean it’s waiting to be approved?
    When I went to the person’s blog whom I made a comment on, it showed my comment.
    So should I worry that my comment didn’t go through?

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