Week 4: Experiential Approach


  • Lecture: 4.1 Experiencing Illness [watch][download]
  • Lecture: 4.2 Illness Narratives [watch] [download]
  • PDF: Werner – “Illness stories on self and shame in women with chronic pain” [read]
  • Blog: Fibromyalgia + The Type “A” personality [link]
  • Clip: My Story: Living with Bipolar Disorder [watch]
  • Blog: A Dad’s Story of Male Post-Partum Depression [link]
  • Film: Placebo: Cracking the Code (1 hour) [watch]
  • FilmChoose an episode of True Life that deals with a medical condition to discuss in the activity blog for this week: [link]

***If you pick an episode that does not directly correspond with a biomedically recognized illness (e.g. “I am a shopoholic”)  you need to explain exactly why you interpreted this to be a “medical condition” and this episode to be reflective of an “illness narrative” in your blog post*** 


  • Reflection Post: W4 Reflection Prompt [link] – due 7/26
  • Activity Post: W4 Activity Prompt [link] – due 7/26
  • Comments: Due 7/28
  • Weebly: Work on the Experiential Approach page of your Weebly [link]

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