What is Weebly?

Weebly is a free site that lets you easily create your own website. Each of you are responsible for creating your own website through Weebly.

How do I get one?

Sign up for a free Weebly site at www.weebly.com.
The address for your weebly should be “ANP204-yourMSUNetID.weebly.com” (eg: www.ANP204-karimtaz.weebly.com)

Instructions on how to build a Weebly can be found here: http://help.weebly.com/beginners-guide.html
Make sure you go through the videos and include a link to your website at the bottom of your Week 1 post.

How will I use my Weebly?

Every week, you will be adding another page to your site where you will be discussing the illness through the approach for that week – and incorporating information from course lectures, readings, popular media and multimedia from outside sources. At the end of the semester, this site will count as your final course project and will be graded.

What do I put in my Weebly?

Each week, we will update the course weebly: www.ANP204.weebly.com and include instructions for each new page. It will usually consist of an overview of each approach, an analysis of the illness within that approach, some type of multimedia, and a bibliography.

Although you will be creating pages every week – I will wait until the final due date to start grading them so feel free to edit them throughout the semester.

What is the point of the Weebly?

We want you to imagine you are creating this website to convince the world how useful medical anthropology can be when studying health and illness. By doing so, you will also be convincing me, the instructor, that you understood the course materials and were able to apply them in an engaging way (through the website). For this reason, make sure you go back and edit your pages as you become more familiar with the approaches. The final website should be a polished, cohesive product.

Can I make my Weebly awesome-r than yours?

HECK YES. The ANP 204 course weebly is the simplest template they have and there are dozens more that you can choose from. Although you won’t be graded on your color scheme, you will be graded on how effective your presentation of the material is. If you include links to outside sources, images, videos, etc – make sure they add to the written content you are putting up on the page.

Will you be looking at my Weebly before the final due date?

Yes. Especially the first week to make sure you created one and are understanding how to use it. Also, if you would like me to look at your site before week the end of week 6, email me or IM me on G-Chat with a link to the page and I will be happy to take a look and give you some feedback. After week 6, I won’t be looking at Weebly’s until the final due date so make sure to ask for feedback before then.

Who else can see my Weebly?

Anyone who searches for it or has a direct link to it. Once the class is over, you are free to take it down, or use it as part of your college portfolio. If you are uncomfortable putting your work online, you can turn in your work as a 15 page research paper addressing the same topics as you would on the Weebly. Make sure you notify us if you choose this option.

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    • Elliott Orr says:

      I’ve got the same question as Justin below me. Part of this week’s assignment is to attach our weebly address, but if we haven’t published it yet, won’t the assigned domain name (i.e. “username-ANP204.weebly”) merely be a link to nothing? I must be missing something . . .

  1. Justin Crane says:

    Hey Taz,

    I was just wondering if we’re supposed to “Publish” our Weebly sites? When I tried to publish mine I was told I’d have to pay close $68. Maybe I’m missing more information on the ANP site about how we’re supposed to use Weebly so could you let me know what I’m supposed to do please?



    • Elliott Orr says:

      I had the same question, and it turns out that you just press “Publish” and pick the free sub-domain name. Then you will be able to have the link “ANP-username” go to your weebly instead of a dead link.

      • Elliott Orr says:

        ^Just kidding. If you publish it, then you can no longer edit it. Please help clarify what you want for this week as far as weebly addresses go, Taz. Thanks.

  2. Taz Karim says:

    Hey guys – yes, publish it so the link works. You can continue to edit it after it has been published. Just login to http://www.weebly.com and under “my sites”, you site will appear and you can click on the edit button. In fact, I want you to publish it every week so I can keep an eye on your progress. Let me know if you have any other questions…

  3. Angela Palmer says:

    Dear Taz,
    I had a question regarding the “at least two media to this site”. I originally thought two forms of media was required for the bio page, so I put three. Is it that there is at least two required with all the pages combined, or is it at least two forms per page? (the bio and ethno are the ones I’ve seen this message on so far) I’m probably going to put lots of media on each page anyway, I was just anxious about the exact requirements.
    Thank you,

    • Taz Karim says:

      Hi Angela – at least two per page. Sorry, I can see why that would be confusing! I’ll go change the wording now. Feel free to post as much media as you want. In later weeks, I may specify the type of media you should incorporate so feel free to shuffle things around as the semester progresses.

  4. Anthony Jurayj says:

    Hey Taz,

    I am a little confused on my weebly assignment. I know i’ve published it, and I know not to click on the edit bar to make it so that I have to pay for the URL, but for some reason I don’t think it has showed up on the weebly assignments and the link isn’t customized like everyone elses. I have read through your directions and am still struggling. I’m sure i’m doing something wrong on my end i’m just not sure what it is.


    this is the only link i have to access my weebly account. Any suggestions?

    Thank you,


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