Bad Sugar

When I took the Health Equity quiz , I really didn’t do so well, I only scored a 30%. I wasn’t really familiar with the statistics with the U.S. and how the U.S. was ranked compared to other parts of the world. I thought I would have done so much better than I actually did, but this quiz was actually an eye opener for me. The stats about the life expectancy and the cost coverage on health care really didn’t shock me because those areas are always being talked about, but what did surprise me was the statistic about non-native latinos having better health among other populations in the U.S, and how a couple years later their health will decline to be somewhat similar of low-income Americans.

The film clip I chose to analyze would be “Bad Sugar “. This video mainly discusses how the Pima and O’odham indians have the highest diabetes rates in the world compared to other cultures or races. It was also explained how the river water was upstreamed to white settlements and how that actually messed up the agricultural economy for the indians, which led them to poverty. To me, it seems like diabetes is actually one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. also. I think that diabetes is affecting many people around the world from different cultures and races. Research has found that in minority populations,the risk for  diabetes is actually doubled. Also in the film it was shown how those indians were basically living in poverty which also caused a major role for the development and proneness to having diabetes. I believe there are non-genetic factors that could explain the observed health disparaties such as the ability to seek health care when needed for special treatments, but if someone lives in poverty they really can’t have access to seek medical care which would probably be considered an environmental factor. Type ll diabetes has many factors that could cause it, it seems like the leading causes would be high stress levels and low income.

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  1. Melinda Zielinski says:

    This is a really unfortunate event that happened to these people. From the sounds of it the problem started when their water supply was limited and taken away from them. This left them with barely any water for their crops, barely any water to drink, and barely any water to do all of their other various daily activities that included it. This also contributed to their poverty rate. Also this is what caused them to have their gene mutation. Their bodies had to adapt to going long periods without eating decent meals, if any at all, so their bodies started to hold in sugar and fat so they could stay alive. This aided in the Pima Indians developing Type II Diabetes. This carried through their kin lines. I think the solution to this problem is very complex. I think the solution is individual, Political, Economical, and possibly if all goes well, biologically (genetically more so). Individually, the Pima Indians, the ones who have diabetes and the ones who don’t, need to start exercising and taking good care of themselves to either prolong their life or prevent the disease from happening to them. Politically I think the government should help these poor people because they are part of the blame on why this health disparity occurred. They are the reason the water got limited and taken away from the US Pima Indians. The government attempted to fix their wrong doing by supplying meals. However, these meals are high in fat content and sugar, which is a diabetic’s nightmare, and only furthers and adds to the diabetes epidemic among the Pima Indians. I think if they are going to aid these Pima Indians, they need to supply better meals for them. Economically, the Pima’s need to get out of poverty. Even if its just up to lower class. It will reduce their high risk of developing diabetes. I’m not sure if that means they need to obtain better jobs or what but getting out of poverty will help them a lot. They will have more money to purchase healthier foods and in return live a healthier lifestyle. I said possibly biological solution because there is other factors that come into play. If the Pimas live a healthier and active lifestyle, their mutation might become dormant, or almost none existent over time. So possibly biologically their genetics will mutate for the better. Overall I think the US Pima Indians and the government are responsible for solving their health disparity. The feud that started between them with the water incident started the fire to this health disparity. Now it’s up to them both to try and solve the problem and the Pima’s to return to better health. The government can only do so much to fix their mistakes but as I stated earlier, it’s up to the Pimas to live healthier and more active lifestyles to help regulate or prevent their Type II Diabetes epidemic.

    P.S. don’t feel bad about your health equity quiz score. I did terrible on it too. From the sounds of it a lot of people didn’t do so hot either.

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