Week 7: Final Week

Course Materials:

  • None 🙂 This week is all about finishing up the Weebly and completing the course surveys.

Weebly Final Project (120pts) – Due Friday morning 8/15 @ 10:00am EST (yes, you have an extension – so make it awesome!)

  • Final weebly page instructions [link]
  • Complete entire weebly (make sure to check the announcements page for updated instructions)
  • Here is the rubric I will be using to grade your Weebly project: [PDF]
  • I will start grading the Weebly assignments

In order to make sure I am grading the correct websites, I would like EVERYONE to fill out a google form (linked below) as soon as your weebly is finished and ready for me to grade. I will grade your website only AFTER they are submitted through this google form. Obviously, this means you need to complete this as the last step in order to “turn in” your weebly, BEFORE the deadline. Links turned in AFTER the deadline will receive a ZERO.

Assignments to complete for this week!

  • (Optional) Write your classmates and/or instructors a goodbye note! – [link]
  • Turn in final weebly assignment [link] – Due 8/15 @ 10:00AM EST
  • Online Course Survey  [link] – Due 8/15 @ 11:59pm EST
  • Blog Survey [link]  – Due 8/15 @ 11:59pm EST
  • SIRS form for MSU [link] – Due 8/15 @ 11:59 EST

These surveys are for the Anthropology Department and are worth 10 points each. You will need to enter your PID # at the end of the survey to receive credit. This number will be disassociated from your responses once your participation has been recorded. Your survey responses will in no way affect your grade in this course. Please be as detailed as possible in your survey responses to get full credit. Thanks!

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  1. Ethan Gotz says:

    Hey Taz,

    For the weebly assignment, I have no issue creating the pages…but when I view them using the link http://anp204-gotzetha.weebly.com/ only the first five pages show up even though I have all of them finished… so basically, I can create more then 5 pages, but only 5 of them show up when I publish. What should I do?

    • Sultan Qiblawi says:

      Hey Ethan,

      I had the same problem, but it worked when I edited the weebly site from a different browser. So if you use safari, try editing it in firefox, and all pages should appear on your link.

        • Taylor Cheney says:

          Hey Naomi,
          What did you do specifically on firefox to resolve the issue? I’m having the same issue as you and Ethan were, and I began by using safari, and then switched browsers to firefox, but when I log out of weebly and view my page, only my first 5 pages are visible still.

          • Naomi Fleischmann says:

            Hi Taylor,
            I don’t know if you are still having issues with Weebly, but in case you are I thought I would let you know what I did and see if that would help. I used Google Chrome to make my website, and when I published it through Chrome I was only able to see five pages. I then opened my Weebly website on Firefox (not the published version, but the version where I was still allowed to edit). I then clicked the “Publish” button again, but this time on Firefox. I then checked Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer and they all showed my Weebly with the correct number of pages. I don’t know what it is about Firefox, but I think your best bet is to use Firefox when publishing your Weebly. I hope this helps!

  2. Sarah Newman says:

    I had the same problem, I ended up doing a live chat with someone from weebly and they were able to fix it, can be found at the resources/contact form on weebly

      • Taylor Cheney says:

        Has anyone figured out the issue? All of my pages are appearing to be working properly, but when i log out of weekly and view my page, only five pages are appearing still. I have tried speaking with someone on weebly’s live chat and they told me they can’t add any pages to my account.

  3. Widad Nasser says:

    hey Taz. Im so sorry but I totally forgot about the surveys and I just did them today. Is there anyway I can still receive credit for them?

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