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  1. Taz Karim says:

    If you have a question or comment about any of this week’s materials – “leave a reply” down below and someone will answer your question. If you are a fellow classmate who knows the answer, please respond so we can all help each other out!

    • Alexis Rife says:

      Does the weebly assignment include diseases or is it strictly illnesses like ADHD or a fever? Also, I cannot get my Gravatar to show up and I have tried using a different browser. Any suggestions?

  2. Vanessa Salmo says:

    Alexis if you go to the help tab on Gravatar I am trying to fix the same thing and for me I accidentally set up the account using my gmail not my msu which is set up for the course site.

  3. Taz Karim says:

    Hey Alexis – you can absolutely include diseases! What did you have in mind?
    Vanessa – way to get in there and provide a solution! Clearly it worked because I can see both of your gravatars 🙂

  4. Taz Karim says:

    Hey Alexis – I think those could be doable. During a future week, you will have to find a first hand account of someone who has experienced this illness (a blog, youtube video, book, journal article, etc). For something like cholera, it might mean looking at historical records or old journal entries, or something, which might take some searching, but it could be done. Since I won’t grade the website until the end of the semester, you could always start doing one illness and change your mind down the road if another illness makes more sense for this project.

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