Week 2: Ecological & Biological Approaches


  • Activity: Health Equity Quiz [complete]
  • Lecture: 2.1 Ecology and Adaptation [watch] [download]
  • PDF: McElroy – Evolutionary and Ecological Perspectives [read]
  • Lecture: 2.2 Race and Medicine [watch] [download]
  • Clip: Eugenicist Movement In America [watch]
  • PDF: Gravlee – How Race Becomes Biology: Embodiment of  Social Inequality [read]
  • Clip: Race and the New Biocitizen [watch]

Select 3 of the following episodes to watch and if available, read through the corresponding case studies linked here [link]

  • Film: Unnatural Causes 1 – “In Sickness and in Wealth” [watch]
  • Film: Unnatural Causes 2 – “When the Bough Breaks” [watch]
  • Film: Unnatural Causes 3 – “Becoming American” [watch]
  • Film: Unnatural Causes 4 – “Bad Sugar” [watch]
  • Film: Unnatural Causes 5 – “Place Matters” [watch]
  • Film: Unnatural Causes 6 – “Collateral Damage” [watch]
  • Film: Unnatural Causes 7 – “Not Just a Paycheck” [watch]


  • Reflection Post: W2 Reflection Prompt [link] – due 7/11
  • Activity Post: W2 Activity Prompt [link] – due 7/11
  • Comments: Due 7/13
  • Weebly Post: Share the link to your Weebly in a separate post with the category “weebly link” [link]- due 7/11
  • Weebly: Work on the Ecological/Biological Approach Page of your Weebly [link]

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    • Nikki Silva says:


      Here is the link for the gravatar: https://en.gravatar.com/
      Make sure you use your MSU email address, because that will link with your WordPress account. Let me know if you have any more issues with setting up your gravatar.

      The health equity quiz will not be counted for a grade, you should complete it as a part of your course materials for the week.

  1. Danyelle Hotchkiss says:

    Same question – the password I am using for this wordpress site does not work, yet it says to use your wordpress login information

    • Taz Karim says:

      Danyelle – don’t use your username and password from class. You have to create a brand new gravatar account by clicking the blue button on the middle right if the page. When you sign up, use your msu email and whatever password you want.

  2. Morgan Barnett says:

    For this week’s weebly, are we evaluating the ecological/biological approach as one approach then, or as two separate approaches? Writing my essay, I feel awkward about using the terms lucidly because to me they represent two different approaches.

    • Taz Karim says:

      Hi Morgan – great question! While there is overlap among all of the approaches we will talk about in this course, the ecological approach is certainly different from the biological approach in many key ways. For that reason, it definitely make sense to talk about them individually. If this was a 7 week course, I would have given them each their own week!

  3. Colleen Drabek says:

    I was wondering how to go about “in line citations” in the weebly. I understand that at the end of the essay we should have citations, but since it isn’t like a word document and doesn’t have different pages, where do the inline citations go!

  4. Taz Karim says:

    Colleen – the inline citations will go after the appropriate sentence or paragraph the same way you would do it in a word document. There are parenthetical references, NOT footnotes – e.g. “(Karim 2014: 24)”

  5. Shelby Brewington says:

    two quick questions, first do we have to make a gravatar? and secondly, I am trying to add my second image to my weekly account and it won’t allow me to. I watched the tutorials and they did not cover this. Any advice?

  6. Taz Karim says:

    Hi Shelby – yes you have to make a gravatar. You don’t have to use your own picture – it can be a picture of your dog or a flower or something. It’s to give yourself some sort of identity amongst the sea of students in this class. Regarding your weebly question – I am not sure what you are asking. I would suggesting googling your question and/or sending Nikki an email with specifics about your question. Also, if there is another student here who can help, feel free to jump in!

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