Week 5: Critical Approach


  • Lecture: 5.1 Culture of Biomedicine [watch] [download]
  • Lecture: 5.2 Trends in Biomedicine [watch] [download]
  • Video: Medicalization of Menstruation [watch] [download]
  • PDF: Katz – Ritual in the Operating Room [read]
  • PDF: Conrad and Potter – From Hyperactive Children to ADHD Adults: Observations on the Expansion of Medical Categories [read]
  • Blog: Karim – The Commodification of Celebrity Health [read]
  • Film: Pill Poppers (1 hour) [watch] (sorry for all the ads – but at least its free!)


  • Reflection Post: W5 Reflection Prompt [link] – due 8/1
  • Activity Post: W5 Activity Prompt [link] – due 8/1
  • Comments: Due 8/3
  • Weebly: Work on the Critical Approach page of your Weebly [link]

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  1. Sarah Newman says:

    whoops. I should read more, sorry everyone

    Oh, and if anyone else had the same question, the weebly is Due by Wednesday 8/13/2013 at 11:59pm.

  2. Krystn Hartner says:

    For the narrative that we have to do in the weebly, do we say it from the persons point of view (like they are telling the story to the whoever is viewing it) or do we tell their story from our point of view? If that makes any sense

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