Week 6: Applied Approach


  • Lecture: 6.1 Applied Medical Anthropology [watch] [download]
  • PDF: Fiske – Anthropologists and the Public Health Agenda [read]
  • Link: Poon – Why Anthropologists Join An Ebola Outbreak Team [read]
  • Video: Applied Medical Anthropology [watch]
  • Link: Medical Anthropologist is head of the World Bank [watch/read]
  • PDF: Kleinman and Benson – Anthropology and the Clinic [read]
  • PDF: Unique Opportunities: Medical Anthropologist [read]
  • Video: Medical Anthropologist/Doctor Paul Farmer on 60 minutes [watch]


  • Reflection Post: W6 Reflection Prompt [link] – due 8/8
  • Activity Post: W6 Activity Prompt [link] – due 8/8
  • Comments: Due 8/10
  • Weebly: Work on the Critical Approach [link] … AND if you want a head start, work on the Reflection page of your Weebly  [link]
  • Weebly Rubric: This is the rubric I will be using to grade your Weebly! [link]

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    • Taz Karim says:

      Hi Sarah – That’s strange… I didn’t have a problem creating my pages for the class weebly. Can you email me a screenshot of what it showing you? I will post the resolution to this thread so other students know what to do.

  1. Krystn Hartner says:

    For the narrative that we have to do in the weebly, do we say it from the persons point of view (like they are telling the story to the whoever is viewing it) or do we tell their story from our point of view? If that makes any sense

    • Taz Karim says:

      Hi Krystn – You are telling their story like a narrator. So, your words, but their point of view as you understand it. But you should also include some analysis on what kind of illness narrative it is, and what the different parts are.

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