Blog 7

It’s interesting to learn about the origins of disease and to know that we are continuing evolving. In the article Evolution and the origin of Disease it stated that “some discomforting conditions, such as pain, fever, cough, vomiting and anxiety, are actually neither diseases nor design defects but rather are evolved defenses.” I thought this statement was extremely interesting because has much as we hate coughing or feeling pain, its actually beneficial to us and those things is something that has evolved in humans over the centuries. Without coughing, people who cannot clear foreign matter from their lungs are likely to die from pneumonia. Furthermore, the capacity for pain is also certainly beneficial because the rare individuals who cannot feel pain fail even to experience discomfort from staying in the same position for long periods. Their unnatural stillness impairs the blood supply to their joints, which then deteriorate. Such pain free people usually die by early adulthood from tissue damage and infections. So you see, these defensive capabilities, shaped by natural selection, are kept in reserve until needed.

We are continuing to evolve in a few different was. First, human culture and technology  is one of the biggest evolvements that is occurring. Culture, including technology is changing patterns of genes flow by both facilitating and movement of people and genes. Humans are able to move to any part of the world ( in which a lot of them do) and as they are moving around they brining their genes with them and reproducing with others from other part of the world, creating new genes within their offspring. We are the creators of technology which is the main evolvement that is continuing to occur. Our cell phones are a huge example of this evolvement. We went from having no cells phones, to slowly having these huge cell phones, to making the cell phones smaller, to now having something like a small computer in our pockets. Who would of thought centuries ago that you would not only be able to talk to someone on the other side of the world via cell phone, but actually be able to video chat with them (FaceTime) on a small device.

Another way we are evolving is the different diseases that has evolve in the human body. Natural selection operates through differential reproduction. Selection acts on different trait in different environments. An example of this is the changing nature of disease. New disease raise and have the potential to spread as pandemics, such as ebola, zika virus, antibiotic resistant infections and lethal strains of influenza. Overall, I think its amazing how our bodies and culture is continuing to evolve.

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