Week 1 – Defining Physical Anthropology



  • 10-Question MC quiz in D2L (complete by 11:30PM on Friday) – 60 minute time limit once you start the quiz
  • Reflection Blog Post:
    • Prompt: (500-words) Explore one website for a professional organization representing a subfield of biological anthropology, discuss the ways in which such studies contribute to the broader themes of anthropology.
  • Reflection Blog Comments: (125 words each) Read 2 other students’ postings from this week’s reflection posts and leave a comment.

4 thoughts on “Week 1 – Defining Physical Anthropology

  1. #HELP I cannot view the lectures, when I enter my password into the prompt because the content is protected nothing happens, no lecture loads and I am not directed to another page it just sits there at the password prompt. I have emailed this issue to anthropology.courses@matrix.msu.edu as well. I just wanted the instructors to be aware that at least I am having this issue accessing the class content.

  2. #HELP#AMY

    I also can’t access the lectures. I have emailed the anthropology email (waiting on a reply) and tried to change my password. I am having the same problem as Diana, where I enter my password and the computer doesn’t load the lecture, it just stays at the “enter password” screen.

  3. #HELP #AMY
    I am also unable to access the lectures due to the password not going through. I have gotten no response from the anthro email.
    Please help!
    Thank you!

  4. #HELP
    I am unable to access Week 1 lectures and materials. The website allows me to type my password but does not allow me to access any of the information beyond that.

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