Week 2 – Understanding Human Variability



  • 10-Question MC quiz in D2L (complete by 11:30PM on Friday) – 60 minute time limit once you start the quiz
  • Reflection Blog Post due by 11:30PM on Friday:
    • Prompt: (500 words) In the PDF linked above, Alters and Alters state that, “evolution is a unifying theme among many sciences.” Think about your personal experience in science courses and in your declared major – how does your specific field understand evolution and human variability? Did the readings and videos this week make you think about your field in a different light? If so, how? In your blog and your response to other students’ blogs, please be thoughtful and considerate.
  • Reflection Blog Comments due by 11:30PM on Sunday: (125 words each) Read 2 other students’ postings from this week’s Reflection Blog and leave a comment.

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