Week 6 – Becoming Modern



  • 10-Question MC quiz on D2L (complete by 11:30PM on Friday) – 60 minute time limit once you start the quiz
  • Reflection Blog Post due by 11:30PM on Friday: (500 words)
    • Prompt: Focus on either Neanderthals or Homo floresiensis – discuss how the discovery of either affected how scientists think about the fossil record and human evolution. Use the information contained in the lecture videos and links in your response. How have paleoanthropologists studied these fossilized remains? What has been learned from them? In your opinion, what is the biggest contribution(s) these findings have made to the study of human diversity?
  • Reflection Blog Comments due by 11:30PM on Sunday: (125 words each) Read 2 other students’ postings from this week’s reflection posts and leave a comment.

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