Where Man Domesticated

Over 11,000 years ago, around the years 9600 B.C, the human race first began domesticating their crops and animals.  These traces of our past are found in Turkey.  They contain evidence of traces of history that are the pivot point in the human diet, and started the farming revolution.  This ancient city is called Sanliurfa, and this is where man took a turning point into an advance revolution.

A german archaelogists in 1994 was strolling through the cite of Senliurfa, discovered a small hill that he believed to have been man made.  When he was going through the area, he was discovering dozens and dozens of arrowheads.  Schmidt was then taken to the only tree located on this hill, and this is where he discovered rocks.  Not only were they rocks, but they were man made, ancient rocks created by the original people of Sanliurfa thousands and thousands of years ago.  This was found to be one of the most ancient sites ever found.

This site, and these rocks and man made creations were to have been said not possible to be made, however this evidence now demolishes all of those impossibilities.  This spot indicates that hunter-gatherer generation started even earlier then we once thought.  After taking a closer look, and analyzing the man-made stones, they discovered that they were resembling human-like features, which some people believe to be mystical beings that were once beloved.

This site is said to be as monumental as the pyramids itself.  Not because of the beauty or the look of the site, but because of the message that comes from it.  How monumental would a site be if it was found to be the first place man started to create things like carved art made out of stone, or herding animals and creating farms?  What about the findings of possible cooking of pasta noodles or even oven chips?  These are the first steps to the revolution that has led to what human kind is today.

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  1. After reading this article, I was very intrigued. I personally think that it is very interesting that the German archaeologist noticed that it was a man made hill by simply walking by it and taking a close look. I find it very interesting how much an archaeologist has to pay attention to detail. Also, how it is almost like solving a mystery because one find leads to another discovery and then another after that. It just goes to show that an archaeologist has to be incredibly smart. Just by reading some of these wall posts I have a newly found appreciation for archaeologist. I also found it cool that the author of this post made a special point to say how this archaeological find was so monumental, yet it wasn’t a magnificent visual spectrum. This find was very important because it lead to new findings and a better understanding of the hunter-gathering method that has been used for as long as humans know. Another interesting point the author made is when he asked about how monumental a site would be if it was found to be the first place man started to make modern tools like knifes and bowls. The possibilities of archaeology are endless which is why I find it such an incredibly interesting profession.

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