Mysterious Skulls Found Around the World


Skulls have always been a popular subject for scholars and society as a whole and still remain interesting today as if there is always something new to be learned from them. Skulls have been used in religious ceremonies, education, Hollywood culture, folk tales, legends, and much more. One of the popular most recent examples being Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, a movie based on infinite knowledge, aliens, magical crystal skulls, and all that other good stuff. Although there has not been anything as far-fetched as these “crystal skulls,” there have been a few bizarre skulls found from across the world that some people question their human origin, and others, its authenticity.

In the 1880s during an archaeological dig in Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania a number of human remains were dug up. The skeletons of these artifacts were all anatomically correct for human beings, but they had one odd feature, projections (horns) protruding from the skull above the eyebrow. The fact that they had horns and that they would have been seven feet tall in real life provides people with reason to doubt the “authenticity” of these remains. However, this was not the first time skulls like this were discovered. Similar skulls have been found in Wellsville, New York and El Paso, Texas. The remains were sent to the American Investigating Museum in Philadelphia, were they were conveniently stolen never to be seen again.

Another mysterious case of skulls, are the notable Peruvian skulls excavated near Nazca. Similarly to the horned skulls, they were believed to have been very tall, up to nine feet! This odd phenomenon was also found in Mexico, just as the horned skulls were found at other locations. The difference though, is that these skulls’ cranial portion are elongated to an unbelievable extent. The even more bizarre thing, is that the skulls show evidence that suggests ancient brain surgeries. From this, people believe that during infancy the skull was altered, but this is just a theory.  “Suggestions that the skulls were altered by a process of binding the skull in infancy, when the cranial bones are soft, encouraging them to grow into an un-natural shape, have been rejected” Strangely enough, these un-natural heads have been seen throughout history with the Easter Island rock faces, images of Egyptian Pharaoh, Iknathon, and the hieroglyphics of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten and his family.

Their are even more examples of these un-natural skulls. One, being the Starchild Skull, a skull of a five year old child with a skull 20 cm larger than the adult skull. On top of that, the back of the skull is flattened and the optic nerve is located at the bottom of the eye socket instead of the back. Another case being the Robert Connelly skulls; skulls that have facial “characteristics that are entirely within the range of a normal human skull.” The unusual part is the cranial cavity. The eye sockets are fifteen percent larger than a normal human skull and the cranial cavity is twice the size of a normal skull.

Whether or not you believe in these findings being scientifically correct or authentic or not, ( I too am not completely sure whether or not I believe some of them) they are none the less very interesting mind boggling topics that make you use your imagination. Check them out below if you liked these unusual skulls.


2 thoughts on “Mysterious Skulls Found Around the World

  1. Very cool. I’m always interested in natural phenomena and unexplained science. There are a number of forces at work here and to understand each of them there would need to be an in-depth study of each and every case. Obviously this isn’t happening for the purposes of my response so allow me to generalize; in my opinion we have three actual possibilities. First, it is a hoax. In some cases it probably is. People have a natural curiosity for the unknown and that makes money which would have been the intent of one going through all the trouble to fake an excavation. My second theory, would be that of some sort of human tampering in the physiology of the subjects. At a young age, when your body is still growing and your brain is still developing, anatomy is more susceptible to augmentation. Given these people with elongated skulls would have probably been mentally handicapped to the point of being vegetables. My final theory is the most “out there” but to any forward thinking and open minded individual not entirely dismissable; this being the theory that there is or was something in existence which we have no knowledge of. In the past there have been instances of complete reversal from fiction to fact, or visa versa where concepts people “knew” to be true overnight became false. We are not above that. We may think of ourselves as the pinnacle of human existence (which is true) but then again every time period in which anyone has ever existed, for them, has been the pinnacle. In just 500 years, as technology evolves exponentially we could be but mere neanderthal to our successors. Even today, we don’t know much and it seems every new door we open creates ten more doors we don’t know know how to unlock. Aliens? Its a possibility. Mutations of some sort? Same thing. Extinct creatures? Less likely. The supernatural? Of course that’s not science because you can’t prove anything but still that doesn’t mean its not necessarily true. But I am missing one major point; maybe it is something that we have yet to discover. My meaning being something that we can’t even wrap our heads around by coming up with a theory for because we don’t know of it yet. Simply a part of our universe we have yet to understand.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog post. Although, I have never seen the Indiana Jones movies to understand the “crystal skull” reference I thought this was very interesting. That is crazy to think about how skulls were found with horns, do you think that could be representation of evolution? Not only is it weird that they were found, but even weirder that they were discovered in various locations. I also thought it was weird to learn that those skulls that were uncovered mysteriously disappeared during the transferring process. My theory is that there is a strong connection between humans and animals (evolution). I think there has been much evidence especially from this class that we have learned that helps us point many mysteries to evolution. It is possible that the horns were just a mutation, because some people are born with “tails” or extended vertebrae and to many it is considered weird or an abnormality. I don’t really know nor have any medical evidence or research to support my theory, but I think it has to deal with different genetics. It could also be possible that it was considered a different species aside from the homo-sapiens. I mean realistically there could be so many different species that have evolved from common ancestors that we just can’t completely understand or support yet. I did really like reading your blog and also the commenter above. I always like to hear various opinions on why things are the way they are and how they ended up like that.

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