Bonus Blog

I believe that there were a few sites and context that we talked about that were either very interesting, important, capitivizing, and exciting.  The one that I thought was most important, was the Egyptians.  The Egyptian sites that we talked about were absolutly breath taking.  The things that we have discovered at Egyptian sites were ones that we marvel at.  The reason is because they were doing things that no one thought would be possible for such an ancient and old civilization.  They were able to preserve bodies so well, that we are able to look at and detect what was the cause of their deaths, how they’re skeletal structure looked, even facial features.  This is astounding for two reasons.  First is that this is a body that is thousands and thousands of years old.  Secondly, the fact that they were able to preserve a body for that long for being an ancient race is insane.  They also built monuments structures, that even today, are some of the most renown sites in the world.  The pyramid of Kuufu, which is referred to as “The Great Pyramid” is one of the most visited sites in the entire world.  Its a structure that has an entrance that is 17 meters off the ground.  The structure itself is over 450 feet tall, and this is a structure that was build over four thousand years ago, and still stands tall today.  This is only one of many other pyramids that were built in Egypt.  Another interesting thing about the Egyptian site is how intrigued people have been throughout history about its existence.  Travelers, and even crusaders would stop by this site during the Holy Wars to bestow their eyes upon the amazing pyramids and Ghaza strip.  Napoleon was so intrigued by ancient Egypt that he wanted to take it over, and actually went to war for it.  There are also huge crypts, and burials that have been discovered over the past few centuries.  Huge crypts filled with gold and treasures and ancient artifacts, that were held dear to the ancient Egyptian rulers.  There have been countless movies based on these sites, the culture of America has had many egyptian references whether it be using the Mummy as a monster, or using the ancient pyramids as part of a conspiracy theory.  I hope that we are able to preserve this site for our future generations, and so that our kids can marvel at the ancient structures just like I have.