Unfortunate Expedition

John Franklin was chosen to be the captain of this trip even though he was not the first, second, or third choice, so unfortunately he was  chosen anyway because of the lack of candidates. So Franklin  took his crew out for what seemed to be just another expedition on their two ships, Erebus and Terror, through he Canadian arctic with hopes of finding another shortcut to Asia.  During the expedition both ships were trapped in ice. The summers in that area usually make the ice easier to sail through but unfortunately that year the ice was just as bad. After some time the remaining crew decided to try and find a habitable place on foot. Sadly they were not properly prepared to go through the terrain. They lacked food, had unnecessary supplies, and lacked basic knowledge of how to survive in the arctic environment. So slowly the crew members died off from hyperthermia, starvation, and diseases. But in their last efforts to survive some members resorted to cannibalism, which only postponed their deaths. Needless to say the expedition was a fail.  All of their lives were lost in vain because they were clueless in knowing how to get through this arctic trip. The only good that has come from this expedition was that these men were branded as heroes for their bravery.