Activity Post 7

This class I learned a lot about topics I’m interested in and learned names of ideas I’ve formed over the last year or so. I chose Haiti as my country of research because of pervious ties I had there. Learning more about the health and struggles of women in a country I care deeply about hurt at times but being able to see the growth Haitian women have gone through to this point is encouraging to say the least. Also, learning about terms such as structural violence has helped me put a name to ideas I’ve thought about. I believe that the system is against some people and being able to put a name to this idea helped me find out a little more about structural violence. I think I could improve on deadlines and time management. The first few weeks of class I had limited internet access due to moving and staying at friend’s places while my new lease started up. I could improve planning my time better around work so that the times I was out of work I could put more focus into our class, rather than working up until and sometimes after the deadline. I enjoyed the freedom we were given to write about topics that we felt were important to our health issue. I enjoyed the lecture videos that helped us formulate our ideas. I also liked that we could take an interdisciplinary approach to help comprehend the issues that were at hand. The videos and film were also interesting. I really liked learning about was some of the apache customs and rites of passage for girls into womanhood.

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