Marwa Bakabas

  • Doctoral Student, Sociocultural Anthropology
  • Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant
  • Specialization: Global Urban Studies Program
  • G-CAPP Fellow


Baker Hall - 414

Twitter: @marwab123 LinkedIn:

Research Interests

    War & Displacement
    Applied & Public Anthropology
    Anthropology of the Middle East
    Ethnographic Methods
    "Space" of Refuge
    Transformations of the Self
    War & Trauma
    Collective Memory
    Land & Sea Borders
    Identity Politics
    Refugee Ageing Population
    "Space" of Death
    Photovoice - art activism
    Areas of interest: Lebanon, Turkey, Yemen, Syria, Greece

Current Research Projects

War and the (In)visibility of Displaced Yemenis in Yemen and Turkey
DAAD Higher Education Dialogue "Violence, Forced Migration, Exile: Trauma in the Arab World and in Germany"


Albahar, Shahab; Bakabas, Marwa; Rabach, Kaitlyn; and Prerna Srigyan. “Bodies in Tension: Reflecting on Entangled Geographies.” In You Are Here: Bodies and Politics, the Journal of Creative Geography. University of Arizona (22): 74-79, 2021.
Leichtman, Mara and Marwa Bakabas. “Humanitarian Aid in Yemen Through the Eyes of a Kuwaiti Role Model for Women: Interview with Maali Alasousi, Yemen Country Director, Direct Aid Association,” Journal of Muslim Philanthropy & Civil Society, 4(2): 89-114, 2020.
Bakabas, M., Wick, L., & American University of Beirut. Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Media Studies. Transformations through disaster: Living and working in refugee spaces.