Gabriel Sanchez

  • Assistant Professor


McDonel Hall E-29

Curriculum vitae

Research Interests

  • Indigenous archaeology
  • Environmental archaeology
  • Historical ecology
  • Applied archaeology
  • Small-scale societies
  • Zooarchaeology
  • Proteomics
  • Ancient fisheries

Biographical Info

Gabriel M. Sanchez joined the Department of Anthropology after earning his degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Gabriel is trained in anthropological archaeology and North American archaeology and specializes in indigenous and environmental archaeology. Working through the lens of historical ecology, he studies ancient fisheries along the Pacific Coast of North America and how data from archaeological sites can inform contemporary resource management and conservation. He is the director of the Coastal Archaeology and Zooarchaeology Laboratory. Gabriel also directs the Ancient Proteomics Laboratory. Currently, Gabriel is involved in a collaborative and community-based participatory research project with the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band and California State Parks to investigate the native range of California’s endangered salmon species, which are vulnerable to extinction or extirpation. The research will define which salmon were native to coastal streams to help resource managers prioritize stream protection and restoration, water allocation, and inform land-use practices.

Current Research Projects

An Evaluation of the Timing, Development, and Scale of Anthropogenic Landscape and Seascape Management in Central California

Investigating Early Human Occupations in Oregon’s Northern Great Basin at Paisley Caves

Archaeology as Conservation Science: Investigating the Historical Range of California’s Endangered Salmon

Historical Ecology of Anthropogenic Landscapes at Point Reyes National Seashore and the Santa Cruz Coast


Book Proposals Under Review:

n.d. Lightfoot Kent G., Michael A. Grone, and Gabriel M. Sanchez. The Study of Indigenous Landscape and Seascape Stewardship on the Central California Coast: The Findings of a Collaborative Eco-Archaeological Investigation. Contributions of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility Publication Series. University of California, Berkeley.

Articles Under Review:

n.d. Fitzpatrick Scott M., Christina M. Giovas, Kristina G. Douglass, Gabriel M. Sanchez, and Jon M. Erlandson. Scholarly Productivity and Influence: Taking the Pulse of Archaeology in the United States. American Antiquity.

n.d. Reeder-Myers, Leslie A., Todd J. Braje, Courtney A. Hofman, Emma A. Elliott Smith, Carey Garland, Michael Grone, Carla S. Hadden, Marco Hatch, Turner Hunt, Alice Kelley, Michelle J. LeFebvre, Michael Lockman, Iain McKechnie, Ian J. McNiven, Bonnie Newsom, Thomas Pluckhahn, Gabriel M. Sanchez, Margo Schwadron, Karen Smith, Tam Smith, Arthur Spiess, Gabrielle Tayac, Victor D. Thompson, Taylor Vollman, Elic M. Weitzel, and Torben C. Rick. Forgotten Fisheries, Indigenous Communities, and the Shifting Baseline of Global Oyster Harvest. Nature Communications.

Articles in Print:

2021 Lightfoot, Kent G., Rob Q. Cuthrell, Mark G. Hylkema, Valentin Lopez, Diane Gifford-Gonzalez, Roberta A. Jewett, Michael A. Grone, Gabriel M. Sanchez, Peter A. Nelson, Alec J. Apodaca, Ariadna Gonzalez, Kathryn Field, Jordan Brown, Alexii Sigona, Paul V. Fine. The Eco-Archaeological Investigation of Indigenous Stewardship Practices on the Santa Cruz Coast. Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology, 41(2):187-205.

2021 Sanchez, Gabriel M. Reevaluating the antiquity of the Palmrose site: Collections-based research of an early plank house on the northern Oregon Coast. Plos one16(8), e0255223.

2021 Sanchez, Gabriel M., Michael A. Grone, Alec J. Apodaca, R. Scott Byram, Valentin Lopez, Roberta A. Jewett. Sensing the Past: Perspectives on Collaborative Archaeology and Ground Penetrating Radar Techniques from Coastal California. Special Issue: Remote Sensing of Archaeology. Remote Sensing, 13(2): 285.

2020 Blong, John C., Martin E. Adams, Gabriel Sanchez, Dennis L. Jenkins, Ian D. Bull, and Lisa-Marie Shillito. Younger Dryas and early Holocene subsistence in the northern Great Basin: multiproxy analysis of coprolites from the Paisley Caves, Oregon, USA. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 12, no. 9: 1-29.

2020 Sanchez, Gabriel M., Kenneth Gobalet & Torben Rick (2020) New insights on the Par-Tee (35CLT20) site: Collections-based research of northern Oregon Coast fisheries, The Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology, DOI: 10.1080/15564894.2020.1782538

2020 Sanchez, Gabriel M. Indigenous Stewardship of Marine and Estuarine Fisheries?: Reconstructing the Ancient Size of Pacific Herring Through Linear Regression Models. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 29: 102061.

2019 Rick, Torben, Todd Braje, Thomas Wake, Gabriel Sanchez, Robert DeLong, and Kent Lightfoot. Seventy Years of Archaeological Research on California’s Farallon Islands. California Archaeology 11(2):1-21.

2018 Sanchez, Gabriel M., Kenneth W. Gobalet, Roberta Jewett, Rob Q. Cuthrell, Michael A. Grone, Paul Engel, and Kent G. Lightfoot. The Historical Ecology of Central California Coast Fishing: Perspectives from Point Reyes National Seashore. Journal of Archaeological Science 100: 1-15.

2018 Sanchez, Gabriel M., Brendan J. Culleton, Michael Buckley, Jon M. Erlandson, Douglas J. Kennett, Robert L. Losey, and Torben C. Rick. Radiocarbon Dating Legacy Collections: A Bayesian Analysis of High-Precision AMS 14C Dates from the Par-Tee Site, Oregon. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 21: 833-848.

2017 Lightfoot, Kent G., Edward M. Luby, and Gabriel M. Sanchez. Monumentality in the Hunter-Gatherer- Fisher Landscapes of the Greater San Francisco Bay, California. Hunter Gatherer Research 3(1): 65-85.

2017 Sanchez, Gabriel M., Jon M. Erlandson, and Nicholas Tripcevich. Quantifying the Association of Chipped Stone Crescents with Wetlands and Paleoshorelines of Western North America. North American Archaeologist 38(2): 107137.

2016 Sanchez, Gabriel M., Jon M. Erlandson, Torben C. Rick, Douglas J. Kennett, and Brendan J. Culleton. High-Resolution AMS 14C Dates for the Par-Tee Site (35CLT20) and Prehistoric Whale Hunting on the Oregon Coast. Radiocarbon 58(2): 397-405.