Amber Plemons

  • Doctoral Student, Physical Anthropology
  • Graduate Research Assistant


Research Interests

    Forensic Anthropology
    Ancestry Estimation
    Dental Anthropology
    Human Variation

Current Research Projects

Macromorphoscopic Databank (NIJ 2015-DN-BX-K012)


In Press Intraobserver Error in Macromorphoscopic Trait Analysis. KR Kamnikar, AM Plemons, and JT Hefner. Accepted, Journal of Forensic Sciences.
In Press Refining Oxygen (δ 18O) and Hydrogen (δ 2H) Isoscapes for the Identification of Human Remains in Mississippi. MM Warner, AM Plemons, NP Herrmann, and LA Regan. Accepted, Journal of Forensic Sciences
2016 Ancestry Estimation using Macromorphoscopic Traits. AM Plemons and JT Hefner. Academic Journal of Forensic Pathology 6(3)400-412. doi: 10.1433/afpj.2014-1234.
2016 Estimating Ancestry of Fragmentary Remains Via Multiple Classifier Systems: A Study of the Mississippi State Asylum Skeletal Assemblage. NP Herrmann, AM Plemons, and E Harris. In MA Pilloud and JT Hefner (eds): Biological Distance Analysis Forensic and Bioarchaeological Perspectives, Ch.15. Elsevier Press, NewYork.