Kurt Rademaker

  • Assistant Professor


McDonel Hall E-25

Curriculum vitae

Research Interests

    Settlement of the Americas
    Environmental archaeology
    Lithic technology and provenance
    Geographic information systems
    Quaternary studies
    Interdisciplinary collaboration and education

Biographical Info

I am an interdisciplinary archaeologist interested in human-environment dynamics, the initial settlement of South America, adaptations in extreme environments, and hunter-gatherers. I have carried out archaeological research and Quaternary studies, primarily in Peru, over the past 18 years. Before that I worked as an archaeologist in the Eastern Woodlands and Great Basin regions of the U.S. and in Mexico.

My current archaeological research in Peru is focused on a >12,000-year-old settlement system spanning the Pacific coast to the high Andes. My team and I are applying predictive models and searching for Late Pleistocene archaeological sites in unexplored areas. We are also re-excavating and re-dating Andean sites to improve chronologies and site-formation models and applying cutting-edge archaeological science methods to legacy collections. These projects involve collaboration with earth science colleagues to produce high-resolution paleoenvironmental records and with biological anthropologists and paleogeneticists to study how humans have adapted to live in high-elevation mountain regions, some of the most challenging environments on Earth.

More information on my working group's research is at: www.paleoandes.com.

If you are interested in joining my working group, please contact me in advance of applying to the Michigan State University graduate program.

Current Research Projects

“Recovery of Ancient Genomes from 8000-year-old Burials at Puerto Lomas, Pacific Coast of Peru” - MSU College of Social Science Faculty Initiatives Fund
"Social Adaptation in a Highly Varied Spatial Environment" - NSF Archaeology Grant #BCS-1659015.
"New Investigations of Human Ecology in the Puna of Junin" - MSU College of Social Science Faculty Initiatives Fund.
Graduate students:
Tori Schwarz, MSU
Emily Milton, MSU
Sarah Meinekat, U. of Tübingen
Brett Furlotte, U. of Saskatchewan
Daniela Osorio, U. College London:


+indicates graduate student
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