Week 6 Schedule

  • Week 6 Intro Video [watch]

Week 6 Topics:

  • Foundation of the New Kingdom: The Egyptian Empire
  • The New Kingdom: The Military State
  • Imperial Designs
  • Loss of Empire
  • The “Heretic” Akhnaten?
  • The Decline of the Pharaoh
  • The Third Intermediate Period

Week 6 Lecture Videos

Week 6 Readings

Week 6 Assignments

  • Blog #6 Due (post Due 8/11 by 5pm, response due 8/14 by 5pm)

3 thoughts on “Week 6 Schedule

  1. Do you mean Blog should be due the 11th and response due the 14th? The next week, the blog is due in a short time after..

    Also, 2nd session for summer classes end the 18th!!!! Why are things due after?

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