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Amber Plemons Dissertation Defense

455 Baker

The Interaction Between Genetics and Climate on Craniofacial Variation: Examining the Causative Forces of Macromorphoscopic Trait Expression Abstract Anthropologists have an extensive history using cranial form to measure group relatedness in past and present populations in an effort to answer a range of questions concerning Read More

Kiana Sakimehr Dissertation Proposal Defense

Emotions and Migration: An Analysis of Emotional Transnationality and the Possible Transitions in Emotions among Afghan Refugees Settled in the US Abstract On August 20, 2021, after nearly twenty years of war in Afghanistan, the US announced the completion of its withdrawal from the country. Read More

Kelly Kamnikar Dissertation Defense

Cranial metric and nonmetric variation in Southeast Mexico and Guatemala: Implications for population affinity assessment in the United States   Abstract The scientific identification of unknown human skeletal remains in forensic contexts relies heavily on the estimation of demographic parameters (i.e., sex, age, stature, and population Read More