Project Management


 Issue & Bug Tracking


Version Control System

 Code/Project Hosting

 Launch and Outreach

 Miscellaneous Tools

  • Cacoo – web based diagramming application
  • Springloops – web based issue tracking, project deployment, and versioning
  • Jumpchart – website planning application
  • Beanstalk – private, secure Git and SVN repository hosting
  • Gantto – online tool for creating Gantt charts
  • TeamGantt – online tool for creating Gantt charts (for pay; 30 day free trial)
  • Trello – online idea collaboration
  • Projectflow – Easy Drag & Drop Project Tracking. A simple way to visualize and organize your projects.

 Wireframe/Storyboard/Mockup Tools

Credit & Attribution

It is vital that credit for a project be apportioned fairly. This, however, can be a challenge in big, multifaceted project team, not a single author. Some recent efforts to set guidelines for project teams:

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