Looters Leave Mysteries

The three great pyramids of Giza have been worldwide attractions since the day they began to be built. Pharaohs seeking to immortalize themselves, and to set themselves up for the afterlife, commissioned these giant, stone, polygons to reflect the power and grandeur that the rulers possessed. Within these pyramids are a myriad of tunnels and countermeasures to keep the outside world away. Such things as giant slabs of rock and the pitch-black, claustrophobia-inducing depths sought to keep harmful visitors away. Such caution was taken because of the riches and important artifacts that were left in the pyramids after the pharaoh died and went through the mummification process. Their deaths were generally great processions and shows of the pomp and wealth of these great leaders. Pharaohs would be buried with riches and jewels for even the denizens of the afterlife to marvel upon.

The thing about such grand and extravagant celebrations and rituals are that they draw out those with less-than noble intentions. One characteristic of mankind since its inception has been greed. Those who live lower lives and struggle day to day will want the power and glory that come with wealth and prestige. Ancient Egypt was no exception to the rule and when the lights go out, the cockroaches begin to swarm unchecked. Some of the first discovered tunnels and entryways into the pyramids were roughly-hewn passageways by looters. By the time people were able to excavate and attempt to learn more about this great culture the looters had already done their dirty work. This makes it much harder for historians and archaeologists to put together the puzzle that was the Egyptian empire because greedy people stole many of the pieces just to make some quick cash. The European obsession played into this as well because they were presumably purchasing such artifacts in order to have a little piece of Egypt at home.

Looters and their aftermath truly make people wish for a time-machine or some way of going back into the past and uncovering these secrets and culture that the ancient Egyptians left behind. It is a very sad, and plausible, possibility that we will never truly know as much as we could about one of the greatest and longest tenured societies that this world has ever known. People destroying history and precious artifacts for their own personal well being is not a surprising thing as this has happened throughout time and still continues to this day, but that does not make their transgressions any more acceptable. We are now stuck forever trying to pick up the pieces and read between the lines when the information was all there before the greed took over.