Theories of Stonehenge

Talk about a cliffhanger from that short video lecture right? I’ve always thought Stonehenge was an interesting archaeological site and wanted to know more about it but could never find much as to what it is. I’ve tried researching Stonehenge in my free time before and found many different theories as to what it’s purpose was, but I could never seem to find the “real” reason Stonehenge was created. It turns out from listening to lecture today in class that no one truly knows the “real” reason as to what Stonehenge was for. Many theories have been created to try and explain it’s creation but none truly stand alone.

Some of the theories that have been created are down right preposterous while others have at least some historical context to them. In class today, we learned that one of the folklore theories for the creation of Stonehenge was that the Devil bought the stones from a woman in Ireland and brought them back to the Salisbury Plains to place them in a circle construction. How anyone could ever believe this theory is beyond me, but nonetheless, it’s one of the known theories for the creation of Stonehenge.

Another theory that I came across while “surfing the web”, was the ever so prevalent theory that it was created by and for extraterrestrial beings, or aliens. This theory seems to be popular for every significant archaeological site on the planet. Society loves to think that we are capable of nothing and that aliens from another world have to come and help us in order for us to do anything significant. No matter what the reason was for creating Stonehenge, I guarantee it was human’s who did it.

One of the more logical theories that have been created is that Stonehenge was created for sound. The way that the stones were set up in the circular pattern apparently make it’s acoustics exceptional. It was an ancient day rave site, you could say. This theory may have a more logical background but it’s still a little far-fetched in my opinion.

I am studying abroad this summer in England and one of the things on my to-do list while I am there is to go see Stonehenge in person. I’ve seen so many pictures of it but I want to  see the real thing for myself. Who knows, maybe I’ll come across something and discover the true reason behind it’s creation after all.