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For this research paper proposal, I would like to focus on the meaning of religion in Ancient Egypt as the center of attention in my research. I would like to go in depth with three fundamental points of religion and the significant role it had not only during the Ancient Egyptian times, but how their religious beliefs created the development of other religious ideas that had spread across the world.

The first point I’d like to bring out is the origin of religion in Ancient Egypt. The source I’ll be using to go in depth with this point is by Emily Teeter and Douglas J. Brewer, “Religion in the Lives of the Ancient Egyptians”. Teeter and Brewer goes in depth with the aspects of Egyptian religion and the origins and nature of the gods, and how they were associated with the Egyptian civilization and the personal relationships with the society and the gods they worshipped.

The second point I’d like to expose is the impact religion had interwoven within the ethics and its relationships with the Ancient Egyptian civilization lifestyle. I’d like to apply “The Religion of the People” as a source in order to go in depth on how the religious beliefs of the civilization had impacted their views on life and how they use religion to live out their lifestyle, such as certain household deities, how they overcome illness, and how their society viewed the justice system.

The last point I’d like to mention is the influence of the Egyptian religion on the outside world. The source I’d like to implement going in depth with is the article on “Egyptian Religion, Gods of Ancient Egypt – Polytheism and Egyptian Religion”, by Dr. Karen Carr. This article explains how the Ancient Egyptian religious rituals and ideas were carried out and had influence other religions and beliefs.



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  1. Religion is quite an interesting topic with Egyptians. It is something that I have an interest in because I really never dug that deep into this topic. Your first point is great! Starting off with the topic of where it began will help the reading understand the Egyptian religion and how where all these gods came from. Perhaps it is similar to greek gods where there are multiple or maybe just one god. I have no idea, but that’s why you’re going to do that research ha ha. Your second point is also good because it can relate to other religions. Some people take their religion very serious and sometimes it just takes over their life and how they decide to do things. For example, if someone was contemplating murder, a religious person would think that they will go to hell if they do. One who just doesn’t care, will just do it because who cares. So I would like to see how their religion directed them through life and how their decisions were impacted. And finally, your last point. I see where you are going with this. Something I didn’t think about. Will you discuss how religion might have changed? I know that the writing was affected by the Muslim conquest and I’m curious if this had any impact to their religion today. Are there people today that are still practicing the same religion as the people from the past? Are there any other countries that changed their religion? Like, how Mormons believe everything with Jesus happened here in the U.S. compared to Israel. Did something like that happen? Anyways, I feel like your research can hit that topic at some point or maybe include, who knows. That’s all up to you.

    I liked your clear plan of how you are going to conquer this research paper and I can tell it’s going to be great! I wish you luck on your paper and perhaps I will get the chance to read it.

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