Departmental Information

Editing Your Departmental Graduate Student Profile

Step 1: If you have never accessed your page before, you will need to get a password and username from Dr. Ethan Watrall, watrall [at] msu [dot] edu

Step 2: Access your account at

Step 3: Fill out your user profile with the most up to date information about your work and research

Step 4 (optional): Upload photo and CV to your profile

Step 5: Save your profile and check the website to make sure changes were saved. You can see your profile on the Anthropology page, under People/Graduate Students

*If you have difficulties accessing the page or questions about filling out the profile, contact Dr. Watrall*

GEU Membership

Be sure to fill out your GEU membership card if you are a first-time TA. The GEU also covers GAs and RAs (but at a slightly higher rate). Signing the card guarantees your coverage offered by the GEU. Membership cards can be found in Baker Hall in Joan Reid’s office or by visiting