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Hello everyone! My name is Melissa Jowers. I am a senior at MSU and am almost done with my undergrad in Psychology (I still have Chem lab and a stats class to take, I wanted to save the fun classes untill last). I love to swim laps and am currently trying to get into running, I’m not a fan so far. I have a fluffy cat who looks like a lion and two baby kittens who all make my life interesting. I love to read and can not wait to move into my new house so I can finally have my library! I recently started a cool new job in Warren. I love it but I miss East Lansing, Warren is too brown for me!

I am taking this class as an elective class and I am pretty excited about it. I love history classes and archaeology classes.  I love learning about people that lived so differently than how we live today.  I have always had an interest in ancient societies which started with ancient Egypt. I used to build pyramids out of legos and my dad tried to convince me that aliens built the ones in Egypt. I played the computer game Pharoh where I was able to build my own Egyptian city and fight off hipos and crocs while making sure the Egyptian gods didn’t get angry with me.  This class is a way for my childhood interest to be backed up with some facts.

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  1. Hey Melissa, great to have you in the class …and I don’t envy you having to take a chem lab and stats at the end of your degree (ouch).

    Great to hear that you played Pharaoh. I actually helped test that game for the developer. 😉

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