Ethan Watrall (your professor)


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Ethan Watrall is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology and Associate Director of Matrix: The Center for Humane Arts, Letters & Social Sciences Online at Michigan State University. He teaching classes in Archaeology (with an emphasis on Egyptian Archaeology), Digital Archaeology, and Cultural Heritage Informatics.  In addition, Ethan is the Director of the Cultural Heritage Informatics Initiative at MSU.  Ethan’s primary area of research is in the domain of cultural heritage informatics, specifically serious games for cultural heritage learning, outreach, and engagement. In addition to his academic work, Ethan has written numerous technical trade books for publishers such as Wiley, Sybex, and O’Reilly on interactive design and user centered/user experience design. When he’s not being professorial, he’s a world class comic book nerd (Killowog is so his favorite Green Lantern), a sci-fi dork (he’ll argue to the grave that Tom Baker is the best Doctor ever), and an avid player of all sorts of games (digital, board, and tabletop).