Graduate Courses

Required of All ANP Graduate Students

ANP 830 Cultural and Linguistic Anthropological Theory
ANP 840 Biocultural Evolution

Methods Courses (At Least One is Required)

ANP 412 Methods and Practice in Digital Heritage
ANP 429 Ethnographic Field Methods
ANP 461 Methods and Theory in Historical Archaeology
ANP 820 Language and Cultural Meaning
ANP 829 Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology
ANP 842 Human Osteology
ANP 846 Quantitative Methods in Anthropology
ANP 850 Principles of Archaeological Analysis
ANP 859 Gender, Justice and Environmental Change: Methods and Application

Physical Anthropology Courses

ANP 440 Hominid Fossils
ANP 441 Osteology and Forensic Anthropology
ANP 443 Human Adaptability
ANP 842 Human Osteology
ANP 843 Bioarchaeology
ANP 844 Topics in Forensic Anthropology
ANP 845 Paleopathology
ANP 846 Quantitative Methods in Anthropology
ANP 892 Seminar in Anthropology
ANP 894 Forensic Anthropology Internship

Archaeology Courses

ANP 452 North American Archaeology
ANP 455 Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
ANP 462 Frontiers and Colonization Historical Archaeology
ANP 463 Laboratory Methods in Archaeology
ANP 854 Archaeological Theory

Sociocultural Anthropology & Linguistics Courses

ANP 410 Anthropology of Latin America
ANP 411 North American Indian Ethnography
ANP 415 China: Culture and Society
ANP 417 Introduction to Islam in Africa
ANP 419 Anthropology of the Middle East
ANP 420 Language and Culture
ANP 422 Religion and Culture
ANP 425 Issues in Medical Anthropology
ANP 426 Urban Anthropology
ANP 432 American Indian Women
ANP 433 Contemporary American Indian Communities
ANP 436 Globalization & Justice: Issues in Political & Legal Anthropology
ANP 437 Asian Emigrant Communities: A Global Perspective
ANP 439 Human Rights: Anthropological Perspectives
ANP 471 Alternative Medicine
ANP 810 Anthrohistory: Exploring the Crossroads of Anthropology and History
ANP 811 Knowledge, Memory, and Archives
ANP 812 Violence and the State: Anthropological Approaches
ANP 814 Capitalism and Modernity
ANP 815 Transnational Processes and Identities
ANP 820 Language and Cultural Meaning
ANP 822 Religion and Ritual
ANP 826 International Development and Practice
ANP 834 Medical Anthropology I: Overview
ANP 835 Medical Anthropology II: Theoretical and Applied Issues
ANP 858 Gender, Justice and Environmental Change: Issues and Concepts
ANP 859 Gender, Justice and Environmental Change: Methods and Application

Museum Studies

ANP 485 Foundations of Museum Studies
ANP 488 Museum Curatorial Practices
ANP 494 Museum Exhibition: Theory & Development
ANP 886 Fundamentals of Museum Studies
ANP 895 Special Topics in Museum Studies

Additional Courses

ANP 491 Topics in Anthropology
ANP 825 International Research
ANP 870 Professional Issues in Anthropology
ANP 890A Individual Readings
ANP 890B Individual Research
ANP 893 Professional Internship
ANP 899 Master’s Thesis Research
ANP 999 Doctoral Dissertation Research