Emeritus Faculty

Associate Professor
Core Faculty Asian Studies
Core Faculty Casid
Organizational Anthropology, Social Movements, Transcultural Project Studies, Professional Applications of Anthropology (to Engineering, Medicine, and Business), and Religion and Culture.

Senior Specialist

Professor Emerita
Senior Associate Dean, International Studies & Programs
Women and Development Program, International Studies and Programs, Environment and development, Agrarian systems, Feminist and gender studies, Medical anthropology; Southern Africa, Central America

Professor of Anthropology
Director, Campus Archaeology Program
Adjunct Curator, MSU Museum
Archaeology, Mortuary Analysis, Late Prehistoric Cultures of the Eastern Woodlands, Landscape Use and Change, Historic Archaeology, Public Archaeology

Professor, Department of Anthropology
Adjunct Curator of History and Anthropology, MSU Museum
Historical Archaeology, Frontiers and Colonization, Archaeological Methodology, Settlement Patterning and Archaeological Landscapes, Eastern North America, South Carolina, Michigan

Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology
Curator Emeritus of Anthropology, MSU Museum
Senior Research Associate, Lithic Microwear Research Laboratory, Microwear Associates, Ltd.
Hunter Gatherer Archaeology and Ethnography, The Transition to Horticulture, Applied Theory, Analytic Methods and Research Design, Human-Environment Interactions and Regional Taphonomy, Paleoenvironmental Change, Public Policy including Forensic Archaeology, Law Enforcement Training, and Repatriation, Great Lakes/Midwest and Europe

Professor Emerita of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, Michigan State University
Adjunct Curator, MSU Museum, Michigan State University
Human Ecology, Emergence and Evolution of Social, Political and Economic Inequality, Prehispanic Latin America, Mesoamerica, Western Mexico, Tarascans/purepecha

Professor of Anthropology
Core Faculty, African Studies Center
Core Faculty, African American and African Studies
Core Faculty, Center for Advanced Studies in International Development
South Central Africa, Rites of Passage, Urban-Rural Relations, Economic Development, The African Diaspora