Undergraduate Anthropology Club

MSU’s Undergraduate Anthropology Club is a dynamic, registered student organization, committed to fostering anthropological interests among undergraduate students.   Through biweekly meetings and other fun events, the club exposes students to a wealth of anthropological topics and the breadth of all four subfields.  In addition, the Undergraduate Anthropology Club strives to introduce students to resources and networking that will help them to further their professional and personal opportunities.  The club also serves as a means to connect MSU’s body of future anthropologists to broader regional, national, and international communities.

If you are interested in learning about anthropology in a fun, enlightening environment, then check out MSU’s Undergraduate Anthropology Club through one of our many online sites!

Facebook: MSU Anthropology Club https://www.facebook.com/msuanthropologyclub/

Instagram: @anthroclubmsu https://www.instagram.com/anthroclubmsu/

Twitter: @anthroclubmsu https://twitter.com/anthroclubmsu

Email: anthro@msu.edu

Website: https://anthropology.msu.edu/anthroclub

We hope to see you soon! All majors are welcome to attend any of our meetings or events.