Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Students in Anthropology (GSA) is a student run, nonprofit organization designed to serve the needs and interests of graduate anthropology students at Michigan State University (MSU).

GSA membership provides students with several benefits. (1) The GSA ensures students’ effective representation in the MSU Department of Anthropology (ANP) decision making process. Student representatives are charged with presenting graduate student positions and voting on ANP committee recommendations. (2) The GSA provides an open forum for airing student opinion, encouraging student-faculty communication, and establishing general policies affecting anthropology graduate students. (3) The GSA works to facilitate ANP events, visiting lectures, and student travel to scholarly meetings. Finally, (4) The GSA functions on a social level by providing students with the opportunity to interact outside of formal academic contexts with fellow students and faculty members.

All GSA meetings are open to attendance by any person. GSA meetings will be held at approximate monthly intervals during the academic year and meetings are held in Baker Hall when possible.

Membership to the GSA is given to all individuals registered as graduate students in the Michigan State University Anthropology Department. All registered anthropology graduate students are considered members, however active membership pertains to those individuals that regularly attend meetings and pay annual dues. A member is in “good standing” within the GSA by being an active member who: obeys the rules of the GSA written within the constitution, acts as a collaborative colleague, is not disruptive to the GSA and respects other member’s opinions, duties, etc.

Current Officers:

President – Micayla Spiros
VP – Emily Milton
Information Officer – Rhian Dunn
Treasurer – Elena Watson

The GSA website can be found at

The GSA Facebook group page can be found at