The Department of Anthropology at Michigan State University engages in the discipline as a humanistic science of cultural and biological diversity across time and space. Our strength is in our diversity of approaches to this fundamental inquiry. Our faculty specializes in socio-cultural anthropology, archaeology, medical anthropology, physical anthropology, and anthropological linguistics. We work towards an understanding of the human condition, past and present, in countries across the world and in our own backyards.  Our undergraduate and graduate students are trained to be critical thinkers. We offer undergraduates research opportunities inside and outside the classroom, and our graduates find that their degrees have prepared them for a wide variety of experiences within and outside the discipline. I encourage you to explore this new website and see for yourself the many approaches to anthropological research practiced by our faculty and graduate students, and visit us often here or on Facebook to keep up on the achievements of our faculty, students, and alums.

News & Updates

  • Dr. Larry Robbins coauthors chapter in new book, Handbook of Pleistocene Archaeology of Africa
    Dr. Larry Robbins, retired professor from the MSU Department of Anthropology, has coauthored a chapter in a new book titled “Handbook of Pleistocene Archaeology of Africa” alongside Dr. Michael Murphy from Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Dr. George Brook from the University of Georgia, and Dr. Linhai Yang from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The chapter … Read more
  • Professor Dr. Gabriel Wrobel receives Fulbright Specialist Award to Belize at Institute of Archaeology
    Department of Anthropology Professor Dr. Gabriel Wrobel has been awarded the Fulbright Specialist Award to complete a project with the Institute of Archaeology in Belize. At the Belize Institute of Archaeology, Dr. Wrobel will be giving talks about archaeology, cultural heritage, bioarchaeology, and digital heritage for high school and college students with the goal of … Read more
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Kurt Rademaker publishes in Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports
    Department of Anthropology Professor Dr. Kurt Rademaker and Dr. Alexander Menaker of the University of Texas at Austin have published an article in Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. The article is titled “Obsidian in the Valley of Volcanoes, Peru.” This article explores the use of x-ray fluorescence analysis to determine the sources of obsidian artifacts … Read more
  • Associate Professor Dr. Mara Leichtman publishes in Ethnography
    Department of Anthropology Associate Professor Dr. Mara Leichtman published an article in Ethnography, in part of a special journal issue titled “Transnational Giving: Evolving Religious, Ethnic and Political Formations in the Global South.” The article title is “Humanitarian Sovereignty, Exceptional Muslims, and the Transnational Making of Kuwaiti Citizens.” This article explores the changing relationship between … Read more
  • Dr. William Lovis showcases new research in archaeological chemistry journal
    Professor Emeritus Dr. William Lovis from the Michigan State department of Anthropology recently coauthored a chapter in the journal Chemistry in the Service of Archaeology: Dating and Materials Analysis, part of the American Chemical Society Symposium Series. Lovis and his team of researchers from Wisconsin-LaCrosse, Eastern Michigan, Sherbrooke (Canada) and Muhlenberg College presented their findings … Read more
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Kurt Rademaker and Ph.D. Candidate Emily Milton publish in Quaternary Science Reviews
    Department of Anthropology Assistant Professor Dr. Kurt Rademaker and Ph.D. Candidate Emily Milton, along with lead author Ph.D. Candidate Sarah Meinekat of the University of Tübingen, M.A. Student Brett Furlotte of the University of Saskatchewan, and Dr. Sonia Zarrillo of the University of British Columbia, published in Quaternary Science Reviews. The article is titled “Fire … Read more