Jodie O'Gorman

  • Professor Emerita


Curriculum vitae

Research Interests

    Prehistory of North America with specialization in Midwest/Great Lakes region
    Late prehistoric/historic communities and interaction
    Archaeology of gender and foodways
    Public Archaeology

Biographical Info

JODIE O'GORMAN conducts archaeological research in the mid-continental U.S. with a focus on late prehistory and early European contact. Her primary research interests focus on Upper Mississippian communities, their adaptations and interactions. After authoring several published reports on a complex of Oneota sites in western Wisconsin in the 1990s, she drew on this material for her dissertation work that examined social organization from a gendered perspective on domestic economics and mortuary patterns. Dr. O’Gorman’s current research examines the social context for warfare with a special interest in cultural interactions, foodways, and gender. She is interested in multi-ethnic communities from the late prehistoric period through the nineteenth century. In Michigan this work has focused on field and collections research on the multi-ethnic communities associated with the Marquette Mission site, an early fur trade site in the Upper Great Lakes, and the Moccasin Bluff site, an Upper Mississippian site. Dr. O’Gorman’s interests in gender issues, community archaeology, and museum anthropology are entwined with her research.   Dr. O’Gorman teaches archaeology field and lab courses, introductory archaeology, and North American archaeology courses.

Current Research Projects

Field research on Oneota migration and the social context of late prehistoric violence in the Central Illinois Valley. Morton Village Site excavations in collaboration with Dickson Mounds Museum of the Illinois State Museum 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014 field school, 2010, 2013 graduate student field training.


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Dept. of Anthropology