Kenneth Lewis

  • Professor, Department of Anthropology
  • Adjunct Curator of History and Anthropology, MSU Museum


E-34 McDonel

Curriculum vitae

Research Interests

  • Historical Archaeology
  • Frontiers and Colonization
  • Archaeological Methodology
  • Settlement Patterning and Archaeological Landscapes
  • Eastern North America
  • South Carolina
  • Michigan

Biographical Info

BA, University of Florida, 1967MA, University of Florida, 1969U. S. Army, 1969-1970PhD, University of Oklahoma, 1975Archaeologist, Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of South Carolina, 1974-1984Assistant Professor, Michigan State University, 1984-1987Associate Professor, Michigan State University, 1987-2002Professor, Michigan State University, 2002-present


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2012  How ‘Twas Done: Joseph Kershaw, the Rise of a Commercial Economy in the South Carolina Backcountry, and Its Implications for Archaeology. Southeastern Conference on Historic Sites Archaeology,

2011  Review of A History of Kershaw County, South Carolina, by Joan A. Inabinet and L. Glen Inabinet, South Carolina Historical Magazine, forthcoming.

2010  Edited with Russell K. Skowronek.  Beneath the Ivory Tower: The Archaeology of Academia, University Press of Florida, Gainesville.

2010  Function, Circumstance, and the Archaeological Record: The Elusive Past at Saints’ Rest. In Beneath the Ivory Tower: The Archaeology of Academia, edited by Russell K. Skowronek and Kenneth E. Lewis, pp. 9-35. University Press of Florida, Gainesville.

2010  The Metropolis and the Backcountry: The Making of a Colonial Landscape on the South Carolina Frontier. In Perspectives from Historical Archaeology 5: Revealing Landscapes, compiled by Christopher C. Fennell, pp. 178-192. Austin, TX. 2009  Frontier Change, Institution Building, and the Arcaheological Record in the South Carolina Backcountry. Southeastern Archaeology 28 (2): 184-201.

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2006  Camden: Historical Archaeology in the South Carolina Backcountry. Thomson Wadsworth, Belmont, CA.